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Your Solar Panel Installation Guide

Close Up Of A Solar Panel

Solar panel installation has become more popular over the recent years. It’s become a lot cheaper to install and maintain panels since they were first brought out, and they’re now rolling out to the masses. If you’ve been considering adding solar panels to your home, take a look at this handy guide to discover more about the installation process.

Solar Panel Consultations

Your first enquiry will likely involve a consultation. If you’re unsure whether your property faces the right way, has enough space or is suitable for solar panel installation, an expert can give you some advice. The majority of properties will be fine, though some may require modifications to accommodate the panels.

Your Panel Fitting

To fit the panels to your property, scaffolding will need to be put up first. This means that the installation team can work safely at height. First, they’ll have to fit some mounts to your roof. These are attached to the rafters and are what the panels will fit onto.

The panels need to be secured to the mounts and the inverter is connected to the grid input. It can also be connected to a battery if you choose to purchase one. This will then be connected to the consumer unit in the fuse box, which completes the solar panel installation.

Drill Laid On A Solar Panel

How Long Does Installation Take?

This will depend on the amount of panels you’re getting and the size and shape of your property. The  majority of solar panel installations are done within a day, but it can occasionally take longer. The scaffolding will need to go up in advance and you may need to wait a couple of days for it to come down afterwards. In the majority of cases, the installation is prepared, completed and cleaned up after within a week.

Does Solar Panels Need Planning Permission?

No, most solar panels don’t need planning permission. Although they do change the outward appearance of your property, they meet the ‘Permitted Development’ standards in the UK. However, if your home is listed then you will need to seek permission.

For Solar Panel Installation, Choose Devon & Cornwall Electrical Ltd

We specialise in installing solar panels on all types of properties, so give us a call today if you’d like to make an enquiry.


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